Scheme of Studies – Medium of instruction: English

K.G. Section
L.K.G English, Number Work & Games
U.K.G. English, Number Work, Art, Games & Environmental Science.

Primary Section
I & II English, Punjab/Hindi, Maths, Environmental Science, Art, Games and C.C.A.
III, IV & V English, Punjabi/Hindi, Sanskrit, Maths, Integrated Science, Social Science, Library Art, Games and C.C.A.

Middle School Section
VI, VII &VIII English, Punjabi / Sanskrit / Maths, Integrated Science, Social Science, P.T., C.C.A., Information Technology, Library, Work Experience & Art Education.

Secondary School Course
IX & X English, Punjabi / Hindi, Maths, Integrated Science, Social Science,P.T.,C.C.A., Information Technology, Library, Work Experience & Art Education.

Lab Facilities
We have well equipped science labs and an English Language Lab for students at all levels.

Co-Curricular Activities
Drawing, Painting, Sewing & Embroidery, Music & Dance, Scouting, Guiding, N.C.C., & Skills for Adolescence.

Computer Awareness
To Promote Computer Education & Training, our school offers Computer Courses as part of their education from Class III onwards.

Internet Facility will be provided for primary students also.

Computer Based Learning
At the V and VI Std levels, Science and Social Science are taught with the aid of computers.

Work Experience
Electrical Gadgets and their Servicing & Maintenance
Sewing, Embroidery & Tailoring
Drawing & Painting
Special Coaching is available for the following activities:
Yoga, Dance, Music

Senior Secondary Course – XI & XII Standards
Core Language – English
Groups Offered
Science Stream
Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry & Biology
Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry & Bio Technology
Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry & Computer Science
Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry & Informatics Practices
Geography,Physics,Chemistry,Informatics Practices
Geography,Physics,Chemistry,Computer Science