Computer Laboratory Rules

01. Only use the computer labs in the teacher’s presence.
02. Do not bring any unauthorized material into the lab.
03. Students may leave bags outside the lab.
04. Use the computer assigned to you.
05. No food and drinks
06. No littering. Tidy up your work area before you leave.
07. No software programmers are to be installed without any authorization.
08. No playing of computer games or listening to music is allowed.
09. Do not remove any equipment out of the labs without authorization.
10. Do not tamper with the equipment or computer systems.
11. Do report any technical problem, virus attack or missing equipment to the teacher immediately.
12. Vandalism and theft in the labs will be seriously dealt with by the school.
13. Maintain proper conduct at all times in the labs.
14. Do a proper shut down of the computer and push in the chair before you leaving the lab.
15. Make sure all computers fans/lights/air conditioners are switched off before leaving the lab.
16. No pen-drive allowed in the lab.