Conduct In Examination

1. Candidates should report to the examination venue at least minutes before the start of the paper.
2. Candidates should be properly attired in school uniform.
3. Absolute silence must be observed in the examination venue.
4. Only black or blue-black ball point pens may be used for writing answers.
5. Only approved models of calculators are allowed.
6. Do not bring into the examination venue anything which may place you under suspicion for dishonesty. leave all bags outside the examination venue or wherever you are instructed to do so.
7. Anyone found cheating or attempting to cheat may be barred from appearing for the rest of the paper.
8. Every candidate must hand in his script on which his/her Name, Roll No., Subject, Section, etc. are written (even if answer has been written on the Paper).
9. Candidates are only allowed to leave the examination venue at the end of each paper.
10. Candidates will not be allowed to borrow any instrument or article from any other candidate while the examination is in progress.
11. On your scripts, all mistakes in your answers must be deleted neatly and the correct word written above.
12. If you need assistance, raise your hand and wait for the invigilator to come to you. do not turn around and look round the room for the invigilator.
13. Do not lift up any answer scripts or leave any sheet of an answer script in such a position that other pupils can read them. Disciplinary action will be taken against pupils found cheating, attempting, cheat or helping others to cheat.