Evaluation And Promotions System

Nursery to UKG
1. No formal Examination for Kindergarten.
2. Grading System is followed, the grades are :-
‘OS’ – Outstanding ‘A’ – Excellent
‘B’ – Very Good ‘C’ – Good
‘D’ – No Improvement
The decision of the Principal in the matter of promotion will be final.
Class I to V
1. There is no formal Examination System for Classes I to V.
2. The whole syllabus has been divided into Four Units
Unit Evaluation Schedule
May – Second Week September – Third Week
December – Third Week March – First Week
Class VI to XII
1) From Class VI to VIII : Final Consolidated Result will be based on
aggregate marks obtained in May-March.
2) For Classes IX & X, Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation
Two Terms : April-September and October-March
Each term includes two Formative Assessments and one Summative
Final Consolidated Result will include 40% weightage of Formative
and 60% weightage of Summative Assessments.
Class IX and X

Type of
Percentage of weightage
in academic session
Month Term-wise
First Term
Formative Assessment-1 10% April-May FA 1+2=20%
Formative Assessment-2 10% July-August  
Summative Assessment-1 30% September SA 1=30%
Second Term
Formative Assessment-3 10% October-November FA 3+4=20%
Formative Assessment-4 10% January-February  
Summative Assessment-2 30% March SA 2=30%

Total Formative Assessments = FA1+FA2+FA3+FA4=40%

Summative Assessments = SA1+SA2=60%

3) For Class XI, 40% of the marks obtained by the student in Sept. and Dec. + 60% of the marks obtained in March are carried for the Final Consolidated Result of the student.
A student must get 40% marks in each subject and at least 50% marks in aggregate to qualify himself/herself for promotion to the next higherclass. However the decision of the Principal in the matter of promotion will be final. A student who remains absent from an examination for any reason shall not be re-examined. A student who fails in the Consolidated Final Result ceases to be on the rolls of the school on 31st of March.