Founder and Chairman

b1Anand Isher Senior Secondary Public School was founded in 1979. The school started with a strength of less than a hundred students. Today it has a strength of two thousand students. With the grace of Satguru the school steadily gained a good reputation not only in academics but also in the field of sports and games.
Today’s world is a moving at great pace in the field of education. I have consistently tried and succeeded in opening institutions which have made a name for themselves in the education map of the world. Guru Nanak Sikh College (Sec) and School (Primary) are two schools which have shown excellent progress in England.
Similarily I have opened Guru Garib Nawaz Education Project at Greater Kailash , Part 2, New Delhi. This school is providing free education to the children of slum dwellers. The school has a strength of 800.
Various projects under the banner of Nanaksar Thath Isher Darbar have been started. A Sewage Water Treatment Plant has been inaugurated in Barundi village. The project covers the whole village which falls in district Ludhiana. A Multi-Specialty and Cancer Hospital is coming up in Chakar village. All this is being done with the blessings of Sri Granth Sahib and the efforts of the sangat.
My humble aim has been to seek ways to reduce the pains and difficulties affecting society. We promise not a world free of problems but a way to reduce these pains with some small steps taken by each of us.