How to apply

01. Get the special application from (available from the school office).
02. One attested photostat copy of per-Board examination result of class X.
03. One passport size photograph to be affixed with the application from.
When to Hand in the Application
Make an appointment with the Principal. The application must be handed in to the Principal by 11th March.
What is required of students
Students should appreciate that besides the best of resources, suitably qualified teachers and a conducive environment for study, the most important factors are interest and aptitude.
Ask Yourself the Following Questions
1. Am I cut out for 10+1 ?
2. Can I devote myself to sustained study ?
3. Have I the potential and will power to work on a daily study time
table throughout the year ?
4. Have I mentally strengthened myself to put in more work ?
(It will be a lot tougher than Class X)
If you can answer YES to the above, pick up the application form from the office and after filling it,
hand it in for consideration of your admission.
Some Things You Should Know
1. Research studies have shown that capable students often fail, particularly in Science subjects because they do insufficient work or due to ineffective study methods.
2. In general, requirements in science classes are more demanding and rigid than in arts. Reading a text book may sometimes be an adequate substitute for attending a class but there is no substitute for practical work.
3. Science is difficult and demands continuous and unremitting application. The pace of instruction is fast and without total commitment, aptitude and effective study methods, it is easy to fall behind.
4. Commerce is business oriented and highly professionalised. Commerce prepares students for a place in the corporate world. Students also appear for the exam conducted by Commerce Talent Search Examination Foundation.
Essential Note
Students selected for 10+1 must have 80% attendance. No absence will be entertained on Exam Days. This includes Unit Tests, Monthly Tests and the Half Yearly Exam. Any student missing any paper will have to reappear for the paper after school hours or on any day scheduled (including Sunday) by the school. `100/- will be charged for each paper. A student can be barred from taking the annual promotion exam if inconsistency persists in spite of verbal or written warnings.