Science Laboratory Rules

01. Do not enter the laboratory unless a teacher is present.
02. Do not tamper with the gas taps or electric sockets at your bench.
03. Make sure that the gas taps are always closed when not in use.
04. Do not take apparatus or chemicals out of the laboratory without the permission of a teacher.
05. Report immediately to the teacher for any damaged equipment, bottles or containers.
06. Report all breakages, accidents and spillage immediately to the teacher.
07. Any mishap or injury, however minor, must be reported to the teacher.
08. Check your Bunsen burner before using it. Make sure the rubber tube is fitted tightly around the gas tap. do not allow the rubber tube to be tangled up.
09. If your Bunsen burner cannot light up after a few tries, shut the gas tap and ask for assistance. The gas must not be allowed to flow for too long.
10. Always wear safety goggles when heating chemicals.
11. Chemicals, once removed from the bottles, must not be put back into the bottles unless instructed to do so by the teacher.
12. Never taste chemicals or other materials in the laboratory.
13. Instructions for the performance of an experiment, must be clearly understood and followed exactly. If in doubt, do not carry on. ask the teacher.
14. Keep your bench tidy as you carry out your experiment. bags and files should not block any passageways.
15. Wash hands thoroughly after all practical work.
16. Do not eat or drink in the laboratory.
17. Maintain silence and discipline in the laboratory.
18. Lab. coat must be worn in the Chemistry lab.